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Newsletter 10-1-17

To all members, we are installing totally new computer and alarm system.  It will not be operational for a couple of weeks.  All dues from now on will be through PayPal, on the computer.  They will be sent out just as soon as it is operational.  Do not be concerned with renewal meanwhile.  Any members wishing to become NRA instructors (to do LTCs) should contact Dick Striano about an upcoming class on Oct. 28th at Scituate Rod and Gun Club.  Contact him on line richardstriano@yahoo.com, or phone 781 749 7271 (cell 781 264 2884).  I will be away until Oct. 9th.  








August Newsletter






From: Dick Striano


To: Membership


Subject: Pistol Range Issues




Greetings Fellow WSC Members,


A couple of issues have been brought to my attention: 


1. No Center fire bullets can only be shot from a hand gun no longer that an 8” barrel. The rule is in the pistol range.


2. No drawing from holster or time shooting is allowed


These are simply safety issues that must be followed for the safety of other members while in the pistol range. 




Dick Striano


Vice President WSC




Newsletter update 5-10-17


Subj: Pistol Targets in the Pistol Range




To All WSC Members,


Cardboard targets must be 24” or smaller. Anything longer means you will be aiming lower thereby striking the concrete floor causing a ricochet: noun: ricochet; plural noun: ricochets


a shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface.


the action or movement of a bullet, shell, or other projectile when rebounding off a surface. When this occurs that ricocheting bullet can bounce back possibly striking the shooter. 




David Griffith







Newsletter update4-5-17

Notice to all members.    Over the past month or so I have had numerous complaints from the people monitoring the camera security system. People are not following the posted range rules.  These rules are revised constantly to insure everyones safety.  We are in no way attempting to restrict people having fun, however safety must always be our first concern.  If anyone has suggestions regarding range rules please contact me anytime.  First, guests must be under the control of the member.  This means the member supervises and only the guest shoots.  You do not shoot side by side and use more than one booth.  This policy is for all, including law enforcement, security, etc. We do not and cannot have 2 sets of rules. Second, the use of any kind of centerfire rifles.   22s and 22 mag are the only rifles allowed in the range.  Centerfire bullets up to 44 mag are allowed, only through handguns up to 8 inch barrels.  The length of any rifle barrel creates too much bullet speed for our snail system to handle safely. Again no exceptions.  Third, shooting using holsters and fast draw.  No holsters, fast drawing, hip shooting, or timed shooting are allowed.  All of these require specific advanced training and supervision. These techniques are not included in a basic pistol course to get a LTC. Fourth, targets must be 24 inches or less in length. This means 24 inches from the top of the carries.  Cardboard targets are allowed, again up to 24 inches.  This is to keep bullets from hitting the floor. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We all want to keep safety first and remember this is our club and we all need to take care of it.  Thanks, Dick Striano, Chief Range Safety Officer 


Newsletter update 3-17-17

The Upstairs Archery Range has been reconstructed with 8 new target butts! Thanks to George Sweet and his crew of one!! A great job well done. And a reminder to all who read this, No broad head tipped arrows can be shot in this range. Also no Crossbows are allowed in the indoor range. You can Shoot your crossbow at the outdoor range, provided you supply your own target butt bag that can obsurb the crossbow shots. The existing outside target Butts cannot withstand crossbow impact and if shot with crossbow bolts will ultimately destroy the these targets very quickly. 




Newsletter update3-8-17

Hi to All members,
New insurance regulations from our new insurance agent is requiring all gun instructors be known to the insurer. If you are an instructor, and a current member of Weymouth Sportsman's Club, contact me 
Dick Striano



Newsletter update11-21-16


Dear WSC Members, 
I want to keep you up to date about club happenings.  The computer is working and renewals have begun to be sent out. We expect them all sent out sometime this week.  If you wish you can simply send the checks to WSC, post office box 13 Weymouth, MA 02189.  The dues are $130 and $25 non volunteer fee. Recently we have had to do major repairs on the gun range furnace, which are now complete and the heat is working. When you finish shooting you do not have to shut off the fans, they shut off in 5 minutes automatically. Position 3 cable has been replaced and all positions are working. The trays are full of lead and I expect them to be emptied tonight. Please remember that the club belongs to each and every one of us equally . It is essential that we all work together to take care of it. 
Saturday, 11-19-16, I observed shots in the ceiling, that appear to be direct hits. The holes are above positions 3 and 4. There is no way they could be ricochets , these are direct hits. We plan to check the cameras to determine who is responsible. This is a serious matter that appears to be deliberate destruction of club property. The people responsible will be turned over to the Weymouth Police. We will file a complaint. If anyone knows anything about this, or wishes to come forward perhaps we can deal with it in house. 
Would you like to become a MA firearms instructor able to train people for pistol permits? The course will be given in early January 2017. Sign up sheet will be in the club or contact Dick Striano 781-749-7271        
Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dick Striano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vice President WSC





Newsletter update9-9-16


Membership is the lifeline of our club! The rest of this month and October, please pay your annual dues. You can pay either by check or BillPay through your bank to this address:

WEYMOUTH SPORTSMEN'S CLUB                                                                                                                                                                                                                         87 Sportsmen's Way                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PO BOX 13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Weymouth, MA 02188

Annual Membership fee is $130.00 + $25 for a locker if you have one rented at the club. + $25 Non volunteer charge if you have not volunteered at least 6 to 8 hours during the past year. If you have been volunteering that $25 will be waived.

There is a computer glitch with the membership billing, Once fixed, the Membership billing will be mailed out to each WSC member.                                                                                                         Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         David Griffith                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WSC Secretary                                                                                                                     


 Newsletter update 5-17-16

Subj: Weymouth Sportsmen’s Club Private Event

The private party scheduled for today has been canceled. The Club is now open for general use.


David Francis

President, WSC

Newsletter update 5-16-16




Due to a special private event the Club will be closed the 19th of May from 7am until 4pm. No one is allowed on the property during that time. 


David Francis


Weymouth Sportsman’s Club



Newsletter update 3-3-2016


Hi WSC Members,

It has come to the Executive Board's attention, via the camera security system that members are bringing guests to shoot without paying the $2.00 fee.  Be advised that 1. we are watching the cameras constantly 2. you are putting your membership in jeopardy 3. If this seems like a small matter to you, it is not. This helps to support YOUR club and will be not be tolerated. Thanks, Executive Board.  

There are several new programs that are available to WSC members. First; A gun maintenance and cleaning seminar, given by Ron Hilgaldo, from Sportsmans Den.  Second; A Refuse To Be A Victim class, including Eddie Eagle for kids presented by Dick Striano. Both classes will be free to WSC members and their guests. However, pre-registration is required.  Let us know what you think about these classes. As well as any other suggestions for classes you may know about.  


Executive Board



Newsletter update 1-18-16 

JOAD Pin achievement was held on th 16th of January. All who participated passed the 100 points required! Here are some pictures of their efforts. Those 2 star achievement pins will be presented at tomorrow's JOAD Practice session. 

Newsletter Update 1-4-16


Happy New Year to you All! On the 31st of December, the Weymouth Recreation Department, located in Weymouth Ma. brought over several boys and girls to try their hand at Archery! After a brief safety class, we proceeded to the indoor Archery range. Here are some pictures of that activity. Hopefully this will spark interest and they will come join our "Junior Program" that is held every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm until 8pm.


Newsletter Update 12-27-15


Gun Range users please shut all lights in the range after shooting. and turn off all timers. Leaving them on is spiking the electric bill. While shooting in the gun range, the lights will remain on at all times, no dark shooting is allowed, quite a bit of destruction has happened as a result of this practice. Weymouth Sportsman’s Club is sponsoring an open house for the Weymouth Youth Group on 31 December, starting at 11am, and another session at 1pm. Certified Instructors will be on hand to instruct proper shooting techniques with rifle, pistol and archery. Mark your calendars! There will be an E-Board Meeting held 7pm on the 5th of January 2016. The Club General Meeting will be held at 8pm. Come one, come All.

Newsletter Update: 12-16-15


Juniors Program has started! This evening was the first session held here at the Weymouth Sportsman’s Club. The kids were shooting 22 rifles and when they were finished they went upstairs and shot several rounds of archery! So if you have  youngsters who are wanting to do these two sports. Come on down to the club each Wednesday from 6:30pm until 8pm. Here are some pictures of the Juniors who participated this evening.



Memo: to WSC members

From: Dick Striano

Subj: Gun Range

Date: 10-16-15


In recent weeks we have had several instances of damage being done in the gun range. I fully realize that we are shooting guns and things get hit and sometimes broken by direct shots and ricochets. In two instances it was far more than that. One used shooting low or no light on. Two light fixtures and bulbs were totally destroyed. The second instance was that a steel baffle for the lights was knocked down and left hanging. A broken light was all over the floor. The baffle after it was left hanging was shot at, like a target many times. Both situations are absolutely not acceptable in this club, or really in any club. During both instances people were rapid firing. If this continues rapid fire will no longer be allowed. We really do not want to do this, however if need be we will. Please be aware; that we have numerous cameras covering the range. As you card in we have your card number and time. It is really easy to determine who caused the damage. If we report destruction of property to the police, they will immediately revoke the persons pistol permit. We absolutely do not want to do this. This is our club, all of us and we must treat it accordingly. Enough problems, easy solutions. Damage and accidents can occur, even if you do everything right. If something happens, broken lights, target carriers, rope, etc. please let someone know immediately. If you report it there will be no consequences, provided you followed the range rules and common sense. We all must treat the club as a place to enjoy ourselves that we own. Again, it belongs to each and every one of us, we must treat it that way.


Dick Strianno



Instructor Training

If anyone is interested in becoming a firearms instructor, please contact Dick Striano for dates and times of classes. Best way to reach Dick is by email. 

Current Instructors
Just a reminder, all instructors in the club who are training for mass pistol permits are required to include live firing as part of their program.

Archery Rules Update
A member of the club was found using a crossbow. We have strict rules regarding crossbows.

A Reminder to everyone that you need to supply your own targets.

Get your volunteer time done! Help and join in on the clean up during September, exact date to be announced.

Charlie Maligno 781-799-8447 or Mike Skinner 781-331-2175

Junior Program
The junior program will be starting October 7th. Just a reminder to anyone who is in the range during the junior porgram that no one in range is allowed to carry a loaded firearm. The only loaded guns during the junior program are the ones the kids shoot. The instructors are the only people allowed to handle the firearms.


General Meeting
Reminder to all members the general meeting is the first Tuesday of the month at 8pm. Attend to keep updated on what is happening at the club. Think about volunteering on the executive board. 

Donations: To Be Announced 

Lockers are available for members to rent for an annual donation of $25. If you would like to rent a locker please send an email to Charlie Maligno or leave a message at the club 781-335-9223 or write out your request and leave in the mail box on the second floor.

The first JOAD Practice session will be at the normal starting time of 7pm until 8:30pm.  

  NEW RULES: There is a pre requisite for JOAD. In order to participate in the JOAD program, each individual needs to have an active membership with USA Archery. See the rules of engagement here. Please contact David with questions and to sign up. Come join the fun!

JOAD's main purpose is to enhance the archery skills of each and every archer that joins the program. This can begin at a young age of 8 through a
ge of 20. During that time frame the archer will learn new skills and eventually compete among their peers within their own club or inter JOAD club competition. JOAD Archery practice sessions are held onTuesday's from 7pm to 8:30pm. There is a $5.00 fee per person for each lesson. The last Saturday of each month "Star Pin" qualifications will be held starting at 9am until 12 noon. Or 12 noon until 3pm

David Griffith is the program director and USA Club Leader. David is a level 2 nstructor he has the Safe Pass Certificate and we do have 3 viable USA members.

Junior Rifle Advanced Program UPDATE

The Junior Rifle Advanced Program meets Friday Evenings from 6:45-8:15pm during the Fall and into the Spring except during school vacations and on snow days. To qualify for the program the students must take a basic rifle training class. This course teaches firearm safety and the fundamentals of competitive smallbore shooting. Contact Denise Fisher 781-953-0580 for more information.

New Members
New member applicants are required to attend an orientation meeting for review of all club rules and procedures. You will recieve a key card at that time which will allow you 24/7 access to the club and the range (provided you have your firearms license). All potential new members must attend a session. Once your application has been received, reviewed and accepted, we will contact you with a date and time for your orientation.  Please note: Applications may take up to 2 weeks or more to process.

Wi-Fi available at the club
The club has guest Wi-Fi connection for members to use while at the club. Please check the bullitin board for password.

Club Contact Information
In order to expidite solutions to problems members encounter please use the following list to contact the appropriate board member to assist you. Remember we are a volunteer organization, no one gets paid for volunteering and board members pay dues the same as every other member. Please feel free to volunteer.

Membership/Dues issues:

Charlie Maligno 781-799-8447
Charlie Maligno 781-799-8447
Building/range issues maintenance:
Mike Skinner 508-317-6050
Training and hall rentals:
Dick Striano 781-264-2884
Junior Program:
Joe Scolaro 781-706-4183
Rifle Program:
Denise Fisher 781-953-0580
Joad Program: Dave Griffith
Alarm system issues/Building security:
Dave Francis 617-328-1645
Joe Scolaro 781-706-4183

Mass certified firearms safety/pistol permit classes and FID classes
Discounted Mass certified pistol permits and FID classes are offered at the club by various instructors. For further info and to sign up call Dick Striano at 781-264-2884 or email



Discounted NRA membership!

Fortunately WSC is able to offer discounted membership rates to the NRA. If you apply or renew your membership through the club you save $10 for one year, 3 year membership save $15, five year membership save $25, lifetime membership save $250.

Fees if renewed through the club are as follows:

  • One year membership $25
  • 3 year membership $70
  • 5 year membership $100
  • Regular life member $750
  • Distingished Life Membership  (Age 65 and older or disabledveterans) $375

See the

NRA page for information needed to renew or apply through the club, print out and fill the info, mail it to the club, drop it by on Wed evenings during the Junior Program or contact any member of the E-board.

Get your gear and support the club!
WSC has sweat shirts, jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and caps for sale with the club logo. There are also WSC lanyards and patches. Contact the club manager or catch up with a member of the executive board on Wednesday evenings or at the general meeting if you would like purchase any of these items.

Pricing: Jackets $55, Golf shirts $25, T-shirts $15, Caps $10, Lanyards $4, Patches $5



If a member knows of a special event or is offering a course and would like it listed on the website calendar just send an email. If you would like to include something in the monthly newsletter such as new activities, upcoming programs or local events that may interest other members, send an email and it will be posted it in the next newsletter.





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