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Junior Olympic Archery Development Program     

The JOAD program begins it's season Tuesday September 8,2015.

Welcome to the Junior Olympic Archery Development program (JOAD). This program is sponsored by USA Archery. JOAD's main purpose is to enhance the archery skills of each and every archer that joins the program. This can begin at a young age of 8 through age of 20. During that time frame the archer will learn new skills and eventually compete among their peers within their own club or inter JOAD club competition. JOAD Archery practice sessions are held on Tuesday's from 7pm to 8:30pm. There is a $5.00 fee per family for each lesson. The last Saturday of each month "Star Pin" qualifications will be held starting at 9am until 12 noon. Or 12 noon until 3pm.

Please feel free to email David Griffith the program director with any questions and to sign up.

 On November 7th The JOAD Class competed for their Pin Achievement. The parents were helping to score the archer's targets.


 Achievement PinsParents scoring targets








A note from the JOAD Instructor David Griffith

My name is David Griffith and I am currently a level two Certified Archery Instructor with USA Archery. I began shooting archery when I was 10 years old. My father taught me the traditional archery form. I competed in a local 4-H competition at the age of 14. After graduation from high school I joined the Navy and remained enlisted for 20 years. Occasionally during my Navy career I picked up the bow and did some practicing. When my son joined the scouts I taught the scout troop and they earned their archery badges. After I retired from the Navy and settled back into a civilian working routine, I picked up archery again. At that time I was an NFAA member and competed throughout the state of Massachusetts and won a state championship. I finally reached the retirement age and was looking for a pastime sport that I could enjoy teaching to others. What better sport than Archery! I began teaching basic archery at a local after school program. What I found out was; there was no convenient place for these kids to go after learning the basic concepts of archery. The distance to a JOAD club in Massachusetts was too far to ask any parent to drive. I am currently a member of the Weymouth Sportsman's Club, located in Weymouth Massachusetts, and a member of USA Archery. The Weymouth Sportsman's Club recently applied for and received permission to sponsor this JOAD club.
Club JOAD.

Hope to see you on Tuesdays!!

David Griffith

Level 2 Instructor
USA Archery






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